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Front mounted intercooler (yes I painted it black to keep it hidden for 2 reasons.  firs tit is easier to hustle guys and especially mustangs, second keeps my car from being a target for thieves in the parking lot.)

Engine Bay 

Re-located Map sensor w/ check valves This is needed on the 96-2k civics due to the obd-2 type ECUs. The Black/blue box that comes with the Greddy kits will not work on them so this keeps the map sensor from seeing boost which in turn keeps it from kicking the check engine light on.

Map sensor barbed plate I mate that plate where the map sensor used to mount so it will take a vacuum hose. This way I can relocate the map sensor and plug in check valves to let the boost blow away

Dash arena (what you see when sitting in my chair) I made those dash gauge pod holders. They were not purchased but custom manufactured in my garage. I removed my old HKS turbo timer and installed a new apexi autotimer. It offers a lot more features like a/f readings and voltage readings of your battery and O2 sensor.

With the acf properly tuned and running RC 270cc injectors, and pushing 9.5 lbs of boost we were able to make 210 hp to the ground with this setup. This is close to 260-270 at the crank shaft. Not to shabby for a stock engine assembly and a SOHC to boot! :-)
Scanned dyno sheet showing my dyno run.

My Custom made Shifter plate (I made it in my garage out of 1/4" thick alloy plating)

Shifter area

External shots of body

Front Shot

Driver front


Back side


*NEW*   07/01/02

These are some updates I have made to my car since the last time I posted. I have installed a Hondata system, I am running Rc 440 injectors, We removed the Rasing rate fuel regulator. I have also gotten the windows tinted (too dam hot in Texas not to have tint). I have installed a quality fuel pressure regulator with a gauge for tuning. Inside the car I have installed a fuel pressure gauge and a electronic boost gauge. There has been a few ither odds and ends that are just my tweeking.

Side of car with tinted windows
Looks awesome eh?

Engine Bay Area
This is what my engine compartment looks like right now. I have color matches everything I could as far as hoses goes.

Fuel pressure Regulator front close view

Side of Fuel Pressure Regulator
I wanted to show you a couple of shots of the new Fuel Pressure Regulator I installed over this last Weekend. Special Thanks to Cosmo Racingfor the great deal and support.

Here is a link to my Latest project. My goal is to achieve as close to 500 wheel hp as possible out of a Street able D series car and engine.

Monster D series project

As I get things going I will keep you updated.